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What is Separation Anxiety?

Separation Anxiety is a heartbreaking condition which causes your dog to experience panic when they are left home alone.

Your dog may be suffering from Separation Anxiety if they show some or all of the following common signs:

✔ Destruction of furniture or other chewing when left home alone or away from you

✔ Continuous barking during any period left home alone

✔ Toilet accidents indoors, despite your dog being housetrained

✔  Shaking, pacing or anxiety before you leave your home

✔ Frantic attempts to escape from crate or house when owner leaves

A dog may be suffering from anxiety but not exhibit the behaviours identified above. They may show some other signs of fear e.g. Licking, Panting, drooling or pacing.

If this sounds like your dog, it’s important to know that it’s not your fault and that your dog isn’t being naughty, they simply cannot help the behaviour. 

You’re in the right place and we’re glad you’ve found us!

We understand the frustration and upset that occurs in managing with this difficult condition.

Our Certified Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer can help your dog to overcome Separation Anxiety and improve you and your dog’s quality of life.

There is hope.

Our reward-based, step-by-step, proven programme has helped hundreds of Pet Owners to break free from the distress of Separation Anxiety.

Working with our Separation Anxiety expert, your dog will have the best possible chance of successful recovery.

Our methods are scientifically proven to work and are based on the very same effective principles used to treat children who have anxiety.

Our specialist treatment programme,
can help your dog overcome Separation Anxiety whilst supporting you every step of the way.

Hello! I’m Ann 
Qualified SA Pro Dog Trainer

I am here to listen and help you through this experience.

I specialise in Separation Anxiety-related behaviours in dogs and pride myself on taking a friendly and understanding approach. I understand firsthand how separation anxiety related behaviours in your dog can turn your world upside down and cause frustration and heartache for the whole family.

The ethical, evidence-based methods that I use ensure that your dog is kept safe and under their anxiety threshold.

1000's of Families Supported

We have helped 1000’s of pet parents leave the lockdown and find their freedom.

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Using simple and stress-free technology, we can help you no matter where you are located.

Experienced & Caring Professional

Our experienced and caring professional understands exactly how to support you.

100% Remote Training

+ Bonus Mobile App

Based in the UK, Ann can work with clients worldwide using video link, all in the comfort of your own home.

Each individual programme is supported by personal 1-2-1 video calls and our unique training app that can be installed on your hand device, laptop and iPad.

With our easy-to-use Mobile App, you can track you and your Dog’s training progress throughout their treatment in your personal training profile.

With our 100% remote training, you’ll benefit from:

✔ Training your dog on your time, no matter your schedule

✔ Easy and simple set up, with no special technology needed

✔ Effective results to help your dog be happier

Why is remote training different?

Remote training is simple and stress-free, and allows our specialist to work with you and your dog at home, where the Separation Anxiety behaviours present and with minimal distractions. No matter how busy your schedule, our fuss-free technology helps you to manage your progress every step of the journey.

“Ann has provided us with so much clarity and education. We now not only understand why our dog gets worried when we leave, but we have practical and simple ways for managing the problem. Symptoms have already reduced! Thank you so much Ann”

Elizabeth Shaw

Mum to Dexter

Separation anxiety support

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No matter your needs, we have a package that can support you and your dog to take those all-important first steps to recovery.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Separation Anxiety Training

What is Separation anxiety?
These behaviours displayed normally occur when the owner is not present.
What are the signs of separation anxiety?
There are a number of big signs e.g. Extreme Barking, Howling, Soiling, Chewing, Frantic Attempts to Escape, or Displaying Anxiety before you leave your home.
There are some less obvious examples, e.g. Salivating, low level crying, Tail Tucked.
How does the programme work?
I develop an easy-to-follow training programme that is bespoke to your dogs needs, firstly by seeing what your dog can do without going over their threshold (First paw on the ladder)
This is done via video link! With technology ever advancing, this has transformed in the way we work with dogs, separation related problem behaviours.

By using video link and setting up web cams I teach clients how read their dogs body language by sharing observations, as we are capturing those behaviours as they occur.

When we train, we want our dogs to stay under their anxiety threshold.

I am with you every step of the way.

Keeping our dog’s safe.

What training methods are used?
All training is based on scientifically proven, ethical methods with an emphasis on kindness and safety. The programme I design, to go at your dog’s pace by using uncomplicated training exercises.
How long does it take?
It depends! We are all individuals. Sadly, there is no quick fix with separation related problem behaviours, as we are dealing with emotions.
Is it my fault?
No! Separation related behaviours are extremely difficult to diagnose as they can be similar to other unwanted behaviours They can be triggered by various situations. e.g. a change in the owner’s pattern or the dog could be predisposed due to their genetic makeup.


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